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For Your Comfort


Laser Dentistry

The latest revolution in dentistry is the use of the dental laser. Our dentists utilize the advance technology of dental lasers to perform leading edge dentistry on their patients. Dental lasers allow our dentists to perform sensitive dental functions inside the mouth without damaging any of the surrounding tissues. By delivering energy in the form of a concentrated light beam, the dental laser is able to easily and comfortably perform important functions in the smaller areas of your mouth.

When lasers are used for cavity removal, eliminating decay within a tooth and preparing the surrounding enamel for fillings, the need for anesthesia of any type can be greatly reduced and at times be eliminated altogether. In addition, laser energy has proven to enhance a tooth’s ability to heal in situations where deep cavities had previously existed.

Periodontal care is another area in which less discomfort and faster healing are both associated with using laser technology. Lasers are currently used for re-contouring or re-shaping gums, removing diseased gum tissue associated with periodontal disease and removing the bacteria found in periodontal pockets to promote healing. As a result of using this advanced technology, healing time and post-operative discomfort are significantly reduced compared to traditional surgical methods.

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IV Sedation

If you agree with, or could make the following statements, IV Sedation might be just the thing for you.

  • Your goal is to get your teeth fixed but you can’t get yourself to the dentist as you fear doing so.
  • You have more of a fear of dental procedures than of dentists themselves.
  • You need some help in calming your nerves just to attend your appointment.
  • You feel that sedation might help you get dental work done that otherwise you’d be unable to tolerate.
  • You’d like to get as much work as possible done in one appointment.
  • You’re facing a long procedure which can’t be broken down into shorter visits.
  • You need to get a lot of work done in one visit because of your busy schedule or a pending social event.
  •  In order to get as much work as done at one time as possible, you’d want to be as “out of it”- feeling no pain or discomfort- and remembering nothing of the procedure.

Nationally known experts rank IV Sedation among the safest of all sedative techniques.

There are numerous reasons why so many people put dental care at the bottom of their health lists.

The most common reason simply put, is out of fear. For those anxious or fearful patients in need of care, IV Sedation is a miracle treatment! IV Sedation is THE state-of–the-art technique for the control of pain and anxiety in dentistry. Nationally known experts rank IV Sedation among the safest of all sedative techniques. Carefully delivered through the bloodstream, IV Sedation’s exceptional results make it the method of choice for patient comfort during treatment. Once in the chair and under medically supervised sedation, we can complete an extensive amount of dentistry for you and you’ll have no discomfort and no recollection of the procedures whatsoever…

Less than 1% of General Dentists in NY have the permits required to provide this vital dental service.

The use of IV Sedation in dentistry is carefully regulated by the Dental Board of NY. To perform this advanced sedative technique, special university training and clinical experience are required. In fact, the educational and special equipment requirements are so stringent that less than 1% of General Dentists in NY have permits to perform these procedures. Because of the types of drugs used and the method of their delivery, IV Sedation allows the dentist to control the drugs’ effects precisely to insure a comfortable, safe outcome.

At Arlington Dental, we are pleased to be able to offer our patients this hard-to find level of advanced patient care that will change the way you look at dental care and allow you to get the treatments you really need and want to have.

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For More Relaxed Visits

Regular dental visits are important for maintaining good oral health. Yet, close to 35 million adults experience sufficient anxiety at the thought of an upcoming dental visit that they needlessly worry about, postpone, or avoid seeing a dentist. If you experience some degree of anxiety when it comes time to seeing the dentist, following these suggestions will help you relax before and during your dental treatment.

Set aside stress-free times for your dental visits; times when you won’t be rushed, physically strained, or troubled by other concerns. For instance, you may find early morning appointments less stressful than rushing to the dentist directly from work. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with our dental staff. Developing a friendly and sociable rapport helps establish trust and a secure sense of being cared for and cared about which will greatly reduce any fear or tension you may have about being at the dentist.

Identify your specific fears and concerns. Are they based on childhood dental experience? Is there still a fear of the drill or of the possibility of pain? While these fears are understandable, it is important to recognize that they are often not realistic given the leading edge, pain-free techniques used at Arlington Dental to insure you’re comfort. Pinpointing the cause of your anxiety and discussing it with your dentist will help you better understand and control it and allow us to tailor your treatments accordingly. Feel free to ask your dentist or hygienist to explain each step of your dental examination or procedure you are going to have. The more you know about the reason for a certain procedure and what will be done, the more confident and relaxed you’ll be.

Use visualization to feel more comfortable and relaxed before and during your dental visits. For instance, before your visit, picture yourself sitting calmly and confidently in the dental chair while the dentist examines your mouth and talks to you. You can also focus on relaxing scenes from a favorite vacation spot or activity and envision this during treatment. Practice distraction & relaxation techniques to take your mind off treatment and to reduce tension. You may focus for example on such pleasant distractions as soft music or colorful artwork, or perhaps practice deep, slow rhythmic breathing, counting each breath as you go.

Remember, the dentist-patient relationship is just that- a beneficial relationship based on trust and understanding, and confidence in the outcome of your treatments. You want to overcome the habit of thinking of yourself as the passive recipient of treatment, and your dentist will welcome your taking an active role in your dental care. Together, things will improve, you will feel better and more comfortable about coming in for treatment and your dental health will improve dramatically.

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